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Packaged in a sleek, colorful Breton striped can, Pampelonne’s design is inspired by the luxurious beaches of the French Riviera and the lighthearted spirit of St. Tropez.

Infused with six natural ingredients, Pampelonne sparking wine cocktails embody the simple sophistication of the south of France with the unpretentious ease of a ready-to-drink aluminum can. The quality and unique flavor profiles of the gently sparkling French wine cocktails produce a beverage that is delicious and easy to enjoy.

Pampelonne reinvents the concept of enjoying a premium beverage, making quality sparkling wine cocktails a luxury that is easily accessible, conveniently chic, low calorie and low in sugar.  


Rosé Lime

A refreshing 110 calorie blend of 100% Loire Valley muscadat wine with all natural passion fruit, grapefruit and lime and sparkling water.  


Tasting Notes

Zesty citrus, tropical fruits, crisp minerality



Red Sangria

A light, 120 calorie, effervescent alternative to traditional sangria; a custom blend of Grenache, Syrah and Merlot mixed with Kaffir lime, Valencia orange, and Mirabelle plum.



Cherry, baking spice and bruléed citrus zest on the nose. Blackberry, raspberry jam and orange on the palate.